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Culatello Flavoured Experience

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The complex of the Ancient Court Pallavicina stands out in a glimpse of Lowlands dominated by the sound of the Great River, the Po, where the fog is an essential ingredient of taste. The route presents the protagonists of the history of Culatello: the territory, represented by poplar trees, the Po river and the environment; the pig, its symbolism and its image so closely linked to man to be chosen to evoke its vices and virtues.
The visit at the Museum of Culatello and of the Masalén has a 1.5 km route divided into 12 stages from the discovery of the wood to the black pigs that are raised in the wild. A walk through history, culture and nature told to you by  the whisperers. Aperitif at the “Hosteria del Maiale” with tasting.

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A partir de EUR 15

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