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Masone Maze and Fontanellato Stronghold

FMR’s Masone Maze is the largest existing maze in the world, entirely made of bamboo plants belonging to twenty different species. A path in which one can ventured into and get lost to fantasize and to think.
Surrounded by a wide moat full of water, the Sanvitale  Stronghold in Fontanellato arises in the heart of the village and contains one of the masterpieces of Mannerism, the frescoed room by Francesco Mazzola known as Parmigianino.
Departure from Parma Point  at 10 am to Fontanellato and admittance+guided tour of the Stronghold and to follow guided tour of FMR’s Masone Maze. Return to Parma at 1.30 pm.

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Masone Maze and Fontanellato