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Verdi, the Lowlands and the Culatello

In the ​​Busseto area, Verdi's testimonies are still more than alive and represent an interesting journey, where you can discover the places most connected to the composer's life starting from his birthplace in Roncole up to Piazza Verdi, where the bronze monument stands overlooking Barezzi house and the Verdi theatre.
Polesine Parmense is a small village in the province of Parma, which stands on the route of the Po river, where the Ancient Court Pallavicina arises with its worldfamous cellars for the aging of the Culatello.
Departure from Parma Point at 09.30 am for Roncole Verdi. Tour of Verdi’s birthplace and Saint Michael Church, which still preserves the organ on which the Maestro learned to play on. Walk in the city center of Busseto with a stop at the Antica Salsamenteria, a welcoming place where you can taste typical products accompanied by good local wine all with in the background Verdi’s arias. Giuseppe Verdi himself in facts was one of the most famous clients of the tavern.
Visit the Barezzi house and the Verdi theatre.
The tour continues for Polesine Parmense on the Po River with a visit to the aging cellars of the Culatello in the Ancient Court Pallavicina and its museum.
The return to Parma is scheduled for 3 pm.

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Busseto and Polesine Parmense